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When the World gets in the Way Summer 2016

When the World gets in the Way was born out of nostalgic inspiration for the days of growing up in a device free world where as a child the adventure was to roam free while being cleverly inventive and resourceful when it came to problem solving. I personified this in a young character named Tucker. He is a free spirited 10-year-old boy with a HUGE imagination. The classic story of a boy, lost in the shadow of his older brother Matt, struggling to find himself. With the guidance of his best friend Meredith, who is irresistible as gravity, makes a connection and begins to follow his heart. This wonderful character reveals endless imagination evoking the love for life quality of fairy tale. Capture youself in this enchanting journey of passion and intrigue. Enjoy life's little discoveries that inspire celebration and give Tucker a sense of pride, bringing treasures to the child in each of us. Tucker is accompanied by his faithful companions JacX “The Great Dane Deer” all the while being narrated by a brainy little beaver named Langferd.

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