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Gallet Burges GOLD Award
Benjamin Franklin
Cover Illustration

"Whose vibrant and electric images brought the characters to life... completely surpassed expectation."

- Jim Carrey

"Created a charming, fun to read, beautifully Illustrated book with Roland the wave as a metaphor for the interrelatedness of everything in the world."

- Jane Fonda

How Roland Rolls



The Inspiring New Book for Children (and their grown-ups!) from Jim Carrey!


How Roland Rolls is a story about a wave named Roland who’s afraid that, one day, when he hits the beach, his life will be over. But when he gets deep, he’s struck by the notion that he’s not just a wave — he’s the whole big, wide ocean!


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Story Boards


Rob swimming with Turtles as a Rogue wave approches
Team Roland - Jim & Rob
The Master of his craft
Jim Carrey
Indigo Book siging Toronto
The Art of How Roland Rolls
Jim Carrey - Lloyd  & Jeff Daniels - Harry
On the set of Dumb and Dumber To
Jim  and Rob on book tour headed to their home town, Toronto Canada


All in the family.

Illustrated by one of Jim’s friends, Rob Nason -who’s also an award-winning illustrator and animator- How Roland Rolls is dedicated to his grandson; the four songs on the EP are performed by Jim and his daughter, Jane; and the book itself is being released by his company, Some Kind of Garden Media.

-Children's Retail Today

Rob and Jim collaborating
Both Jim and Rob not only grew up in the same home town of Burlington Ontario, Canada. They both have been graced with the friendship of a Great Dane. George (Jim's). Cooper and Tatum (Rob's).

Aesthetics.  Book dynamics naturally allow us to believe and feel wave generations.

Wave Development


Faces for Rob
Original psinting in one lucky collectors book!
Bushell Sketch
JC calls for the whale tail
to come out of the page
Close-up of ship that splits Roland from his friends
Wave Interaction
E - Pub Animation Test 
Rob Makin' Waves!
for this display
at your local
Meanwhile, back at the White House ...
One of two 60"x 80" Original Paintings (gifts) for Jim, on Canvas
Jim Carrey Makin' Waves

Many thanks to Nancy Nason and Julia Rajchel for editing these videos

and being so content aware documenting Roland.

Special Thanks To,

Lake Region Productions

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