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Director - Author - Illustrator

Rob Nason, a professional artist for more than thirty years, is a recipient of the Hans Christian Anderson Award for his work on Thumbelina.  With extensive film credits for illustrating and painting animated feature films, Rob specializes in translating a story line into exciting visuals.


He is recognized as one of the world's primiere illustrators and animators, awarded Golden Reel Awards for his work on the critically acclaimed Anastasia, and a variety of feature films.


Nason's artwork for the inspiring children's book Saltwater Taffy was nominated as cover of the year and was a finalist for the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award in 2012 given by the Independent Book Publishers Association.


Rob’s brilliance on, Jim Carrey"s new children’s book, 

How Roland Rolls quickly realized Gold, winning  a 2013 Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award and again, was nominated finalist for the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Award. Rob was awarded for Juevinile Fiction cover of the year.

When away from his AZ studio, he is sketching in the field, usually in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, Muskoka Northern Ontario or Eastern Canada. For more information of his Boathouse collections click the Lake Region boat painting or "contact" Rob directly to commission.

Over 20 years experience within the communications, integrated marketing, creative design, digital, printing, public relations and feature film industries. Directed, produced and broadcast business critical media for internally and externally facing initiatives. Utilizing hands on production expertise as well as managing teams of videographers, photographers, producers, directors, editors, designers and vendors.

For more information of her breadth click the"n"

Web Design

R.C.Nason, one of the most awarded creatives in film, advertising and children's books of the last 30 years. Several of his abandoned ideas were picked up by scavengers thrown around and regurgitated in different space; and when asked about this he shrugs it off fuel forward thinking for himself and his crew. Some of his most memorable and awarded work has pushed the notion "the illusion of life" into new creative territory were there is no illusion after all. He and his team are professionals at pulling heartstrings, jaw dropping empathy leaving his audience thinking.

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