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Legend of the Great DaneDeer Pre Order Book

PLUS  6"x 9" Print 

Personal Autographed 

When the World gets in the Way Book PLUS  6" x 9" Print 

        eyond the forest

and through the trees,

amongst the branches

and past the cone;

bears witness the

Great DaneDeer throne.


© 2017 Rob Nason and Lake Region Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.  No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of the author except as provided by USA copyright law. BEWARE OF DOG.

Your favorite friend, JacX the

Legend of the Great DaneDeer

has arrived!as the prequel to

When the World gets in the Way



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Whose vibrant and electric images brought the characters to life... completely surpassed expectation.

- Jim Carrey


... created a charming, fun to read, beautifully Illustrated book with Roland the wave as a metaphor for the interrelatedness of everything in the world.

- Jane Fonda


The variety of visual perspectives are something I have never witnessed in a picture book before and the colors are realistic and dramatic, all at the same time.  The pictures seem to flex and stretch across the page.  They remind adult readers of Carrey’s true physical talents and children will pause and gasp as they attempt to discover everything that is happening on each page. 

- genxcritiquegeek


You'll never be able to see the eclipse of the moon the same way after you read Rob's children's story When the World gets In the Way. Rob's story tells how our human experience gets in the way of the sunlight of the spirit. It is as it is; it is temporary. It'll pass.


- Michael Douglas

Tucker arrives on Irish shores! Cathy Barron reading 'When the world gets in the way' written and    llustrated from the heart by artist Rob Nason. Our Book of the Year!                                                             

- Paul Kelly

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